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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Nordic ID at RFID im Blick. Nordic ID published new RFID case studies

Nordic ID at RFID im Blick. Nordic ID published new RFID case studies; including RFID in business verticals like fashion, asset management and RTI (returnable transportation items).


Nordic ID visited the second annual conference "RFID im Blick" in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 4th. The event was all about RFID technology and Nordic ID fit right in. Thanks to the organizers and everybody who came to see us!

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If you have been at our company website recently you have probably noticed the huge amount of new case studies that we have published. If not, take a look at them here.

Fashion -rti -assetmanagement


"Belgian construction giant implements RFID asset tracking"

Fabricom has improved their tool identification and life cycle management as well as achieved more visibility of the movement of tools, materials and supplies with the help of RFID.

Read the whole case study here. 

Baas Plantenservice

"Taming the tangled logistics of a growing industry - Baas Plantenservice implements Nordic ID solution"

Baas Plantenservice were encountering problems with keeping track of their 15,000 trolleys' comings and goings with clipboards, telephone calls and email. They needed to reduce human error and speed up the information flow. After adopting RFID, trolleys are scanned and verified quickly and they have achieved increased profit margins.

Read the whole case study here. 

American Apparel

"American Apparel goes hi tech - RFID boost efficiency of fashion retail"

The goals with the RFID implementation were to have more visibility in the supply chain and reduce working hours spent in manual item counts. American Apparel achieved a o-o-s drop to only 1%, a 14% sales uplift and a 55% reduction in internal shrinkage.

Read the whole case study here. 

Van Vuuren Mode

"RFID Streamline Web Store as well as Brick-and-Mortar. Van Vuuren Mode implements RFID"

Van Vuuren Mode, a chain of women's fashion with 26 locations plus an online store, had poor access to real-time information and a low transparency of operations. After implementing RFID they improved their web shop operations and were able to perform fast daily stock counts. They improved their logistics and achieved a remarkable sales uplift.

Read the whole case study here. 

Liwa Group / Gant / Technowave

Nordic ID partner Technowave hits a home run in the Persian Gulf"

Liwa Group decided to fight against shrinkage in their 19 Gant stores with the help of technology partner Technowave. By adopting RFID tags and Nordic ID Merlin readers they were able to achieve reduced store inventory count hours and increase efficiency.

Read the whole case study here. 

Norsk Lastbærer Pool AS (NLP)

"RFID goes industry wide: Norwegian food industry implementation - a world first"

NLP wanted to improve their logistics transparency. They were also experiencing shrinkage and high costs and human errors. After implementing RFID the pallet costs were reduced and less work hours were needed for reporting routines. Their shrinkage rate was reduced to a fifth and they experience over-all better logistics.

Read the whole case study here.


If you have any questions about the case studies, do not hesitate to ask us at marketing@nordicid.com. Until then, have a fantastic weekend!

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