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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Nordic ID present at NRF13 and GS1US event. Hielke visisted Infratech 2013.

Mirva Saarijärvi and Teemu Ainasoja were in New York meeting up with contacts and visiting NRF13 and an GS1US event. Hielke van Oostrum visited Infratech 2013 in Rotterdam.

RFID retail events in the Big Apple

Mirva Saarijärvi and Teemu Ainasoja have been busy in New York City this week. Besides from meeting up with friends and contacts, they have visited NRF13 and attended the GS1US event; Item Level RFID Initiative - Working Group Meeting. The Item Level RFID Initiative is an inter-industry group of leading retailers, suppliers, industry associations, academia and solution providers, dedicated to quantifying the benefits of EPC-enabled RFID at the item level, and to exploring how the technology can improve business processes along the retail value chain.

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Honoring the week of retail - here are a few of our favorite retail goodies that have been spreading on Twitter and shown on the Twitter screen at NRF13 during the event:

The smart fitting room concept

RFID - 5 most common applications on the shop floor

RFID projects do affect the company personnel

Multi-channel business on the upswing

Out-of-stocks: An XL problem for apparel retailers

"Smart shelves" - The store shelf of the future

RFID - What's in it for the customers?

RFID: Spurring Business Transformation in Fashion Retail

Hielke van Oostrum present at Infratech 2013

Hielke reports:
The market-leader in piping, Pipelife, showcased new and innovative gas-piping and couplings with an UHF RFID tag on the tradeshow Infratech 2013 in Rotterdam this week.

The system allows Pipelife to automatically track which parts have been supplied to which contractor and when. With the GPS equipped Nordic ID Merlin and Nordic ID Morphic, it is possible to accurately track where and which coupling is used, when they are deployed outside. This is a big plus in the densely populated Netherlands. When a pipe or coupling is identified, the tag data and the GPS coordinates are directly transferred online to the back office mapping database.

The full solution, including software for real-time tracking over 3G, is created by system-integrator (and Nordic ID partner) Mieloo & Alexander. Pipelife expects to roll these out during 2013.


Winter is full on in Finland!

Here in Finland it's a beautiful, but absolutely freezing day (about -25 °C). Too cold for skiing, but perfect for looking at the view through a double/triple-glass window with a good book, a nice warm cup of tea and a super thick woolen blanket. I wish you all a nice weekend of rest, good tea and reading.

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