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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Guest Blogger: iRTI article - News: ScanGreen Morph Stick - ProMat 2013

This week we got a nice Guest Blog over iRTI management with RFID. ProMat 2013 was held in Chicago. New ScanGreen MorphStick for the holticultural sector is out and about. RFID Arena article From Marginal to Mainstream has hit the press.

Guest Blog: iRTI management with RFID

The need for intelligent reusable transport items

Insightful article by Rick LeBlanc about how iRTIs (intelligent returnable/reusable transport items) reduce the RTI's cost per trip and ensure optimal freshness and quality of produce in the cold chain. All thanks to actionable data received from RFID tags.

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ProMat 2013

This year Nordic ID was presented at the ProMat 2013 by a partner, Wave Reaction.


Discover the latest solutions to move your business forward as the industry's leading innovators showcase their latest manufacturing, distribution and supply chain equipment and systems at ProMat 2013 held January 21-24 at Chicago's McCormick Place.

ProMat 2013 is the one show where you will see in person, in action the best solutions and innovations the industry has to offer and meet the leading providers face-to-face. There is no cost to attend the exhibits and conference sessions.

New ScanGreen MorphStick by Mieloo & Alexander

Container Centralen (CC) introduced in January 2011 RFID tags on the European CC Containers. The primary objective of this RFID tagging operation is authentication, which all CC Container users at every transfer are performing with RFID readers. Since the introduction of the RFID system, Mieloo & Alexander supports the horticultural sector with advice, and especially for the CC RFID tag scanners are developed under the brand name ScanGreen. The "Scan Green Morph Stick" is the latest scanner developed specifically for the green sector.

Read more about the news here.


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RFID Arena Article soares

From Marginal to mainstream (The tipping point for RFID adoption) article now published on the RFID Journal White Papers and with VICS VILRI newsletter White Papers.


Download the article on the RFID Journal White Paper website (requires login).

Download the article on the download link below the ingress at VILRI (VICS) White Papers.

The article will also be published here on the RFID Arena next week.


More news again next week!

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