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Nordic ID at the Apparel Industry workshop at the GS1 Standard Event Lisbon, Portugal – Nordic ID Sales meeting

This week has been busy and exciting. Nordic ID took part in the Apparel Industry workshop at the GS1 Standard Event Lisbon, Portugal. Nordic ID staff got together for this autumn's Sales Meeting. Also see our update on last week's well-being day.

This week's event - GS1 Standard Event Lisbon: Apparel Industry workshop, Lisbon, Portugal

This week Nordic ID participated at the GS1 Standard Event in Lisbon, Portugal. Mr. Enzo Blonk the EPC Industry Engagement Director from the GS1 Global Office was leading the GS1 Apparel Industry Workshop with the following objective: The key to omni-channel retailing is providing an immersive, superior customer experience regardless of the channel.

The workshop included most interesting presentations by GS1 professionals combined with experiences from real-life by leading retailers such as Falke, Macy's, Gerry Weber and C&A. Many perspectives of RFID piloting and implementation including challenges and successes throughout the supply chain were highlighted. Maria Ala-Sulkava from Nordic ID stated that the presentations were followed by lively discussion and sharing different points of view.

Additionally to the events agenda and presentations, Creative Systems organized a demo in the lounge area. Nordic ID partner Creative Systems showed a demo of their software solutions for the retail, industry and logistics sectors using Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID. These solutions promote significant improvements in efficiency, operational costs savings and performance improvements.

GS1 Event Lisbon

Nordic ID Morphic in action: RFID inventory demonstration by Mr. Pedro França, Creative Systems

Are you interested in checking out other upcoming events? Visit our website for the Nordic ID events calendar.

Nordic ID International Sales meeting

This week Nordic ID staff has been meeting up at the Finland offices in Salo and Turku for our Autumn Sales meeting.

We had great fun, learned lots of new things in our trainings and got empowered too. It was nice getting together and exchanging experiences with our colleagues from Finland the Netherlands and Germany.

The meeting days contained loads of interesting and informative sessions and at the same time it was great to meet up face to face. Thank you all for the good sessions!

Sales -meeting -autumn -2013

Staff at the Nordic ID Sales meeting 

Last week's Well-Being day

As promised last Friday, we wanted to still provide you with an update on last week's well-being day.

Our Finland staff spent last friday focusing on outdoor activities on our well-being day. First we participated in a team competition consisting of seven tasks requiring precision and balance. Among these 7 varieties was  the rope course seen in the picture below. After that we had the option to participate in outdoor activities. People were playing paintball, did kayaking or enjoyed a summerday hiking in the Finnish forest.

The whole day was great fun and as promised: we returned to work inspired and energized!

Ty Hy _004

Nordic ID staff at the rope course

Have a great weekend!

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