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Friday blog - New RFID Arena article - Hamburg Logistik Forum and ICT&Logistiek events - Nordic ID and Confidex News - Upcoming events - Video featuring Nordic ID Merlin.

As a Halloween treat for our RFID Arena readers a new article on impact of RFID on revenue streams was published. Nordic ID exhibited at the Hamburg Logistik Forum and ICT&Logistiek. Check also our Nordic ID and Confidex collaboration and upcoming events.

New article in the RFID Arena

RFID: the Revenue Stream Game-Changer

Our newest article in the RFID Arena has been freshly published and discusses the impact of RFID on revenue streams.

RFID is changing the make, store and ship revenue model for good. The technology can enable 99% inventory accuracy, which can impact the bottom line by reducing out-of-stock (OOS) situations, drastically reducing inventory-related sales losses.

Read the full article from the RFID Arena.

All RFID articles in the RFID Arena can be accessed here.

OOS-to -blame -for -discounted -items

This week's events

Hamburg Logistik Forum 2013, Hamburg, Germany

This week Oliver Warn and Danny Collinson represented Nordic ID at the Hamburg Logistik Forum in Hamburg, Germany.

The Hamburg Logistik Forum attracted more than 200 visitors interested in the Innovations in Logistics topic. Oliver and Danny report back that the Forum was a great event with many people showing an interest in RFID and stopping by the Nordic ID stand for interesting discussions.

HLI-logistic -forum

The Hamburg Logistik Forum in full swing. Picture one shows Danny Collinson at the Nordic ID stand.

One of the highlights was a demonstration of the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief. They presented how RFID can improve logistics processes relating to equipment sending to disaster zones.

The Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole was used in the demonstration.


German Federal Agency for Technical Relief using the Nordic ID Merlin Cross Dipole.

ICT & Logistiek, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the Netherlands

Nordic ID participated at the ICT & Logistiek in the Netherlands.

Hielke van Oostrum, our Nordic ID Sales Manager, presented Nordic ID at the exhibition stand in cooperation with our favourite auto-ID industry veteran.

The two day event was very lively. Thanks to all of you who came to visit us at the Nordic ID stand! Hielke was excited about the great interest in RFID by visitors and the great discussions at our stand.

Read more about the ICT&Logistiek.

Hielke At ICT &Logistiek 311013

Hielke van Oostrum at the Nordic ID stand

Upcoming events

RFID in Fashion Retail event, Stockholm, Sweden

Make sure to register your participation at our RFID in Fashion Retail event in Stockholm, Sweden. This is an event you would not want to miss with great guest speakers and topics.

Check our agenda to see what our day of learning about RFID in fashion retail contains.

See here for more information and registration to RFID in Fashion Retail event

For all upcoming events, check our Nordic ID events calendar.

RFID In Fashion Retail

RFID Roadshow in Espoo, Tampere, Oulu, Finland

Registration for the RFID Roadshow organized by RFIDLab Finland ry is already possible. The Roadshow is scheduled for December and will be hosted in Espoo, Tampere and Oulu, Finland.

Check out the agenda here and make sure to register for the location of your choice.

RFID Roadshow November 13

This week's News 

Nordic ID and Confidex collaborate in RFID RTI logistics

The RFID market is steadily growing and this growth is reflected also in the rise of RFID RTI logistics implementations. Nordic ID and Confidex collaborate in RFID RTI logistics to ensure great results and successful RFID implementations.

See how Nordic ID and Confidex can help you to make your RFID implementation a success story.

Read the entire news from here.



This week's video

We were happy to see this great video from Tag Ingenieros Consultores featuring Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole used at Trasluz.

Trasluz, who is a retailer specialized in children's apparel, uses Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole for inventory and theft prevention. We are excited that the video has also been aired on Televisión Española.

Watch the video here.

Check here for more information on TAG INGENIEROS CONSULTORES, S.L.

Merlin Scanning TV

This week's campaign

This week the Nordic ID Stix was featured by RFIDdirect in their topic: Boost Customer Sales through Loyalty Schemes. If you are interested in creating a loyalty scheme for your business, this might be something you would want to check.

Check here for more information.


Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween to everyone!

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