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Friday Blog - Nordic ID launches NIDA Application Platform and hosts RFID in Fashion Retail event in Stockholm

Big news this week, it was finally time to launch our newest product: NIDA, the SW platform and tools that match our mobile readers perfectly. Additionally our long awaited RFID in Fashion Retail event took place in Stockholm.

Nordic ID launches RFID Application Platform for Retail

Drumroll! This week it was finally time to launch our newest product: NIDA, the SW platform and tools that match our mobile readers perfectly. NIDA is a flexible and easy to integrate Application Platform for mobile RFID computers, which results in lower costs in RFID implementations.

Read the news here.

Detailed information on the new product can be found here.

You can also read the news in the  European Business Journal. Our news in Russian featured by ID Expert. Also check the press release section at AIM Global.


WEB-Nordic -ID-Morphic -UHF-RFID-Cross -Dipole

Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole including Nordic ID NIDA

RFID in Fashion Retail event

The long awaited RFID in Fashion Retail event organized by Nordic finally took place this week in Stockholm, Sweden.

As promised the full day of learning included top guest speakers discussing RFID in Fashion Retail topics.

The event turned out to be a big success, not only due to the fantastic guest speakers but also due to the awesome audience. There were great discussions and the audience listened actively to the presentations and asked the speakers great questions.

Event _ Ramir And Enzo

Picture 1. Ramir de Porrata-Doria from Keonn, Picture 2. Enzo Blonk GS1 Global Office

Ramir de Porrata-Doria from Keonn started the presentations with customer experience in retail stores in his Smart shopping & RFID presentation. Enzo Blonk GS1 Global Office presented Standards EPC-RFID in Apparel. Mirva Saarijärvi from Nordic ID discussed Retail RFID cases.

Event _Uwe And Janne

Picture 3. Uwe Quiede from TailorIT, Picture 4. Janne Mäkeläinen from Nordic ID 

Uwe Quiede from TailorIt introduced Best practice in Fashion RFID with the two RFID fashion cases: Adler and Marc O'Polo. Janne Mäkeläinen presented challenges and solutions in RFID projects.

Event _Kris And Guests

Picture 5. Participants listening to the presentations, Picture 6. Kris Doane from OATSystems

Kris Doane from OATSystems was the last speaker introducing the topic: RFID Compliance Challenge to the event participants.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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