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Friday blog- Nordic ID in Social Media and upcoming events

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day and we want to quickly grab the chance to thank you for all your social media support. This week's blog also includes our article featured in Postal Technology International and this week's news, events, and upcoming events.

Social media Bliss

@HouseofRFID on Twitter

We are thrilled that Nordic ID is being followed by more than 3000 followers on Twitter. For all of you who have not yet found @HouseofRFID: click here for Nordic ID on Twitter.

We are also on Facebook, LinkedIn and many other Social Media channels. For an overview on Nordic ID in the Social Media, click here.

House Of RFID Account On Twitter

Nordic ID on YourTechTv

The Nordic ID video RFID & Privacy has been viewed more than 25 000 times. Fantastic that our videos are being watched and appreciated amongst the viewers. If you have not seen it yet, just click on the picture below and enjoy.

For all Nordic ID YourTechTv videos, click here.

Nordic ID videos on YouTube can be found here.


RFID And Privacy Yourtechtv2


#rfid is a frequently used amongst all of us who are into RFID technology topics. We are proud that #rfid is trending and has clearly become a popular topic. What makes this especially exciting is that @RFIDArena tops the list of Profilic users and Nordic ID tweets on the topic are well represented.

Check here for analytics on #rfid from hashtags.org.

Nordic ID at Turku University, Finland

On Monday this week our Jessica Säilä appeared as a guest lecturer at Turku University. She covered the topic of how technology shapes retail business especially from the point of view of RFID.

RFID Lab association annual Autumn Meeting

The Finnish RFID Lab association held its annual Autumn Meeting on Thursday. The meeting chose Jussi Nummela of RiffID as chairman of the board for 2014. Congratulations to Jussi.

Two weeks ago GS1 ratified EPC Gen2V2 standard, which was introduced to the participants of the meeting by Sami Isomäki. The new standard improves tag security and adds a file system to the tags. Old readers will be able to read new tags without problem, the new tags will seem as if they were EPC Gen2V1 if an older reader is used.

More information on the GS1 webpage.

RFID: the Revenue Stream Game-Changer in Postal Technology International

Another thing we are thankful for, is the fact that we saw our article featured in Postal Technology International.

RFID is changing the make, store and ship revenue model for good. The technology can enable 99% inventory accuracy, which can impact the bottom line by reducing out-of-stock (OOS) situations, drastically reducing inventory-related sales losses.

Read the article in Postal Technology International here.

Read the full article on our RFID Arena.

Other retail and fashion articles can be found here.

OOS-to -blame -for -discounted -items 

Upcoming events

RFID Roadshow 2013, Espoo, Tampere and Oulu, Finland

We have been looking forward to the RFID Roadshow 2013 organized by RFIDLab next week. Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity to participate in the afternoon seminars. They are free of charge and are organized in three different cities.

Nordic ID staff will be attending and presenting, so make sure to also attend. Pick the location of your choice and join in. We are looking forward to meeting you.

More information on the agenda can be found here.

RFID Roadshow November 13


Have a great weekend!

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