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Friday Blog: RFID at Rock Werchter 2013 and RFID technology at Valkenswaard Motocross GP videos and interesting articles

We truly hope you have had a great festive season and with New Year celebrations upcoming, we stick to the theme of entertainment in this Friday blog. So kick back and enjoy this week's videos and our favorite articles!

With so much preparations and celebrations, we figured you deserve some pampering and thus we picked two RFID videos for you to watch and enjoy. We hope you are in the mood for RFID entertainment! If you feel like reading up on RFID instead, check the section below with recommended articles

This week's videos

RFID at Rock Werchter 2013 

This great video from David De Wever, shows RFID technology usage in access control at the Rock Werchter 2013 event. RFID was used for access control and it also enabled visitors to enjoy the perks of reduced queues, easy social media sharing for example Facebook updating, registration for discounts and much more.

Click on the picture below to watch the full video on YouTube. 

RFID At Rock Werchter 2013

RFID technology at Valkenswaard Motocross GP

Another fantastic video from David De Wever about RFID technology usage at the Valkenswaard Motocross GP. The video shows how RFID control was used for access control and other purposes, such as crew management and crowd control. 

Watch closely and you will see the Nordic ID Merlin used at the event.

Click on the picture below to watch the full video on YouTube. 

RFID Technology At Valkenswaard Motocross GP


Articles, articles, articles

RFID in Fashion Retail articles

One our favourite topics is RFID in Fashion retail. As you might know our RFID Arena features plenty of great related articles. Check here for our favourite picks:

RFID - 5 most common applications on the shop floor

The perfect fit - Fashion retailers and RFID: how to make the move

The "smart fitting room" concept

Our interview series

The RFID Arena also features great interview series that will certainly interest you. Our interview series presents RFID through the glasses of different interest groups.

RFID-through -the -glasses -of -different -interest -groups

Check here for the introduction to our interview series and links to all 1-on1 interview articles. 

Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for next year's articles and blogsposts!

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