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Thursday blog - New article: 6 most common FAQs of Barcode vs RFID - Nordic ID at events in Finland and Germany- Nordic ID supports Save the Children Finland charity

This week a new article was published answering most common FAQs of Barcode vs RFID. Nordic ID participated at the RFID roadshow 2013 in Finland and the GS1 conference in Germany. Also check our News on Nordic ID supporting Save the Children charity.

This week Finland is celebrating its independence day and as this is a public holiday, our Friday blog turned into a Thursday blog. Nevertheless, we compiled this week's news for you, enjoy!

New article: 6 most common FAQs of Barcode vs RFID

This week a new article was published on the RFID Arena. Inspired by a guest lecture she recently held, Jessica Säilä wrote a great blog post that answers the most common FAQs of barcode vs RFID.

"Last week I gave business students at Turku University a guest lecture on the use of barcode and RFID technologies in retail operations. The students asked what people unfamiliar with RFID technology often ask - hence I thought the topic is worth a blog."

Read the full article here.


Barcode -vs -RFID

This week's events

Nordic ID at the RFID Roadshow 2013 in Espoo, Tampere and Oulu, Finland

RFIDLab Finland ry organized their RFID Roadshow 2013 this week. Of course Nordic ID participated and presented in all three scheduled cities: Espoo, Tampere and Oulu.

The RFID Roadshow started off in Espoo. The seminar in Espoo was crowded with people interested in RFID. The next stop was Tampere; the seminar there was also very busy. We were happy to have many people come to talk to us between the speeches. The last location of the roadshow was in Oulu. The event was well visited and we heard back that there were many lively discussions and great conversations. Thank you all for your participation!

In next week's Friday blog we will feature pictures from the Roadshow.

For more information check the RFIDLab Finland ry Facebook page.

Also visit the RFIDLab Finland ry webpage.

RFID Roadshow November 13


GS1 Connecting Fashion Business 2013, Düsseldorf, Germany

GS1 hosted their GS1 Connecting Fashion Business 2013 conference in Düsseldorf Germany this week. The event featured many interesting presentations and discussions.

Nordic ID exhibited at the event. The event attracted a broad audience with a clear emphasis on retail. The event was a success and we hope to see even more RFID focused guests next year. Thank you all for all your interest, great that you stopped by at our stand. 

For more information, check out the GS1 Germany homepage.

GS1 Dusseldorf _2

Tiina Aumasalo and Lothar Struckmeier at the Nordic ID stand

Nordic ID holiday greetings

It is holiday season and time to send out holiday greetings. We at Nordic ID decided to follow last year's tradition and spend the money reserved for holiday greeting cards on a contribution to charity.

Read more in the Nordic ID News section.

Read more about the Save the Children charity from their website.

Pl _joulu 2013_banneri _140x 350_en

Great blog post on RFID focus shift in retail by RFID 24-7

RFID 24-7 featured a great guest blog post provided by Kris Doane on their blog. It discusses "Retail RFID focus moves from technology to store processes". You should check it out, we certainly recommend it.

Read the full blog post here

Enjoy your weekend!

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