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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Article- Preventing counterfeit drugs with RFID - two RFID cases released this week

This week's article is about RFID in the fight against counterfeit drugs. Two new cases, Nordic ID RFID mobile computer implemented to furniture manufacturer's supply chain management and to an Italian textile company for delivery mgmt. Free event tickets!

RFID article of the week

RFID to help prevent counterfeit drugs

The medical industry is struggling against counterfeit drugs flourishing not only online, but even in pharmacies and hospitals. Counterfeit drugs cause drug manufacturers reputation and sales losses, but even worse, they endanger our health.


Healthcare -article _RFID-cure -picture _WEB

Two RFID cases with Nordic ID RFID mobile computers released this week

RFID Journal - Trivilita Installs RFID to Better Manage Bedroom Furnishings

RFID Journal released a nice case study showcasing an RFID implementation for IKEA furniture manufacturer, Trivilidad in Lithuania. The company reports reaching nearly 100% delivery accuracy thanks to RFID. The partner for Nordic ID in this is Autepra.


Softwork will show off their RFID textile solution for Cotonificio Carlo Bonomi at Trace ID

The case is is mentioned on the news telling what solutions Softwork will be showing at Trace ID show. The implemented RFID solution enables efficient tracking for the company.


RFID Italy Textile Case

Picture: Softwork, Flickr photostream.

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More news coming up next week, stay tuned.

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