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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - 2 articles this week - 3G and GPS news - Eurocis and Logimat next week

This week our Nordic ID Tech Geek wrote a couple of articles for you to enjoy. We have now added 3G and GPS also to our HF mobile computers. Next week we are at Eurocis and Logimat event in Germany.

Nordic ID Tech Geek introduced

You might have noticed that a totally new guy has been blogging this week.

Meet the Nordic ID Tech Geek.

Nordic -ID-Tech -Geek 250x 250px


He has written some nice technical articles on the RFID Arena before but under blog team members' names. Now he has received his own alias - Nordic ID Tech Geek - and started his blogging career with a bang: two articles in one week.

1) The normal hectic week of an engineer of a logistics company

Creating tailor-made RFID asset management systems from scratch can be time consuming and really, like inventing the wheel all over again, as an engineer of a logistics company noted while going through the system requirements of his boss. So, what did he do?


2) System developers - Get familiar with InventoryServer

InventoryServer is a new and excellent tool for creating RFID applications when multiple fixed RFID readers and external antennas are used in the same system.

Nordic ID HF RFID mobile computers now with 3G and GPS

Now you can get the Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID and the Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID Blade complete with 3G and GPS functionalities.

Read more here.

Eurocis and Logimat are just around the corner - free tickets available

Big tradeshow week ahead in Germany next week: Eurocis in Düsseldorf and Logimat in Stuttgart. Hope to see you there!

We still have free tickets available for both events. If you want to order your free entrance tickets through us, please click here.


More news again next week. Have a nice weekend!

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