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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Myymälämessut in Helsinki, Finland - CeBit next week

This week we have been extremely busy at the Myymälämessut in Helsinki, Finland. Next week we have some news to share with you at CeBit tradeshow, where we are with our partner Warok. A Nordic ID handheld has been spotted on a TV series in the UK.

Tradeshow frenzy

The spring is a hectic time with several tradeshows. We have had the Eurocis and Logimat in Germany last week and now this week Myymälämessut in Finland.


This is the tradeshow for retail in Finland. The event took place in Helsinki for two days. We were very busy both two days and only had a chance to take a picture of the booth just before the customers started pouring in. But at least you a little glimpse what our stand looked like.


Myymalamessut _2013

Next up CeBit

Next week Nordic ID will be attending CeBit with a trusted distribution partner Warok. And it really is the place to be. We cannot give away the whole suprise yet but we can promise that we will announce something new at the event and it will be big, no sorry. It will be SMALL, but magnificent.

Read more about the event here.


Our office in UK sent us a message telling that Nordic ID handhelds are now celebrities. We are talking about the Nordic ID RF601 series. It is a handheld barcode reader that communicates via radio frequency. This proprietary RF technology used in the devices has helped us develop our RFID devices.

The device kept showing up over and over again.

RF-on -TV

RF601-in -a -TV-show


If you want the see the whole episode, click here.

That's all folks - for this week. More news next week, stay tuned!

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  1. Posted 01 March 2013 at 12:13:53


    Seems like I am building up my celebrity status, not just on the Nordic ID Big Sista but on real TV show! Cool. :D

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