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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - University of Parma event - If cars were tagged part 4 - Textile case study

Last Friday the University of Parma hosted an event - RFID for fashion and of course Nordic ID was at the scene. We published a new article for the series: If cars were tagged - from the car manufacturer point of view. New case study on the Nordic ID website.

University of Parma - RFID for fashion

The University of Parma hosted an event last week called the RFID for fashion. At the event a lot of presentations were made that included for example Kris Doane's The value of RFID in retail - The American Apparel use case and a round table discussion where the Nordic ID's Head of Retail RFID Lothar Struckmeier was representing.


Parma -University -Event -RFID-for -Fashion

On the left Kris Doane as a speaker at the RFID for fashion event and on the right Lothar Struckmeier participating in the round table discussion at the same event.

The fourth article for the series if cars were tagged

If cars were tagged Part 4

New cars already have HF RFID technology and their spare parts are often tracked with UHF RFID. How would the introduction of UHF "car ID-tags" change the manufacturing and distribution processes, not to mention customer service?

Case Study  - Cotonificio Carlo Bonomi

This week Nordic ID published a recent case study from Italy on the Nordic ID website. The case study presents Cotonificio Carlo Bonomi,  a premium Italian textiles manufacturer  that reinforces their innovation and quality edge with RFID.


Cotonificio Carlo Bonomi RFID application


Nice feedback gotten on Facebook

Just yesterday we received this wonderful feedback on our Nordic ID Facebook site.

Feedback _on _FB

Thank you Dacid Burkett and Advanced Incentory Solutions Inc. for this nice message.


By the way, also the RFID Arena has a Facebook site to be liked.


More news next week, stay tuned!

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