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Will it freak you out if we call it a ”girl’s magazine approach to RFID”?

We hope it won’t, for that was the idea for our first ever interview-series on the RFID Arena. An idea born from RFID discussions with real-life end-users that underlined one fact to us: RFID feels like abracadabra to most non-techno enthusiasts.

So how could we make RFID more understandable for everyone? Then, we came to think about Elle, Vogue and what not magazines and their interviews with interesting personas. Why not find ourselves some interesting personas from different RFID interest groups and pose them questions about RFID in the same way that girl's magazines do?

Whenever we talk to someone who already deployed RFID, we learn more about why they went for RFID, and how it has transformed their processes and results. And, what we've noticed is, that's exactly what other people are interested in hearing about RFID too. Based on this experience, the RFID Arena team set up a goal: To introduce the different players in the field of Fashion RFID and give all the readers a peak into their world of RFID deployment.

We asked all of the interviewees to share their views about the push for RFID, as well as what the excitement of RFID is for them. Additionally, all of them were asked different questions dependening on their field of expertise.

In the next weeks to come, we will publish a set of one-on-one articles to cover the following views:

  • A retailer using RFID
  • A consultancy company working with the retailers & brand owners to recognize the ROI points for RFID
  • A tag converter supplying RFID tags to brand owners and retailers
  • A software vendor supplying an RFID solution to their end customers in retail
  • A hardware vendor supplying RFID readers for various uses
  • University researchers interested in how RFID will transform the world
  • And finally the real end user: an employee using RFID equipment in an RFID enabled store

RFID-through -the -glasses -of -different -interest -groups

The first One-on-One will be published on the 28th of March, that is on Thursday and it will cover the view of the retailer, in this case American Apparel. Stay tuned on the RFID Arena to find out more!

1-ON-1 with Kris Doane: RFID from a retailers point of view

3 interviews: RFID the perspective of universities

1-ON-1 with Owe Quide: RFID from an RFID consultant's point of view

1-ON-1 with Philip Calderbank: RFID from an RFID tag vendor's point of view

1-ON-1 with Jorma Lalla: RFID from ahardware vendor point of view

1-ON-2 with Matjaz Novak and Tom Vieweger: RFID from a software vendor point of view


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