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Nordic ID RFID Blog - RFID Lab Finland Roadshow in Tallinn - Interview series introduction and first 1-on-1 - Press release SML Group and Nordic ID join forces - Happy Easter

RFID Roadshow in Tallinn gathered a rather interested crowd. This week we have launched an RFID adoption interview series and the introduction as well as the first interview are published. SML Group and Nordic ID went public with their cooperation.

RFID Lab Finland - RFID Roadshow in Tallinn

The roadshow in Tallinn had a very interesting program with a lot of vendors and opinion leaders sharing their expertise and thoughts.

Nordic ID was represented by Mika Hirvonen, responsible for sales in the Baltic region.

RFID-Lab -Finland -Tallinn -roadshow

Mika Hirvonen giving a presentation at the event and talking to a customer.

More pictures you can find at RFID Lab Finland Facebook.

RFID Adoption for retail - Interview series

Introduction to the series: Will it freak you out if we call it a "girl's magazine approach to RFID"?

We hope it won't, for that was the idea for our first ever interview-series on the RFID Arena. An idea born from RFID discussions with a couple of real-life end-users that underlined one fact to us: RFID feels like abracadabra to most non-techno enthusiasts.


First Interview : 1-on-1 with Kris Doane

This interview presents a retailer's view on RFID adoption. We interviewed Kris Doane who used to run the RFID department at American Apparel until October 2012. Since then, he has been working as an independent RFID consultant in his company Arden Data.

SML Group Ltd and Nordic ID join forces

You have certainly seen this piece of news hit the press hard this week, it has been seen at e.g. Retail Technology Review, European Business Journal, RFID Ready, IdExpert.ru.


Since it is Good Friday tomorrow, we published the blog already today.

We wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Easter!

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