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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - 2 RFID articles out this week

A busy week with two articles out this week. On Tuesday we published a technical article on the user effect on UHF RFID reading patterns and on Thursday we continued with the topic RFID for the grocery retail.

Two articles this week

1) The technical article

User effect on RFID reading patterns between different UHF RFID antennas

Different antennas have different reading patterns and objects affect the patterns. We will have a look at three different antenna designs and how their reading patterns are affected by a person.


2) Continuing on the RFID for the grocery retail topic

Grocery industry operations are facing a real paradigm shift

Item-level RFID is finally on the way into the grocery sector. High shrinkage rates, manual labor errors and poor product availability are all in the past. From now on, there is nothing but smooth sailing.

 Item-level RFID in grocery retail supermarket


That's all for this week, folks. More news next week! 

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