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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Jewellery RFID case - 1-on-1 with Uwe Quiede

Today a nice jewellery RFID case study has been published. Matranga Gioiellieri adopted RFID. We have continued with our articles series on RFID for apparel retail. This time we interviewed Uwe Quiede.



To keep better track of the 8,000 items, white RFID tags designed and produced especially for the jewellery sector were attached to each piece, making it uniquely identifiable at a distance. All information relating to each product was recorded on tags and in the database: its provenance, its exact location in the store, when it entered the store system, and other details. Reports after each inventory count can now show whether pieces have been lost or stolen, or if they have been sitting for too long and perhaps need promoting or discounting.

Read more about the case here.

Matranga Gioiellieri jewellery retailer adopted RFID

interview series on RFID for apparel retail continues

1-on-1 with Uwe Quiede

This time we have a chance to hear the views of an RFID Consultant, Uwe Quiede of TAILORIT. Today he is arguably one of Germany's best known consultants in the field of item-level RFID in the Retail sector.

Read the interview here. 


More news next week! 

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