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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Article about the supply chain challenges in Asia - Glada Vappen!

Managing large scale and global supply chains can result in time wasting and mix-ups, but this can be avoided with the help of RFID. Celebrations are coming up, Glada Vappen to all of you!

This week we have published an article written by a supply chain management professional from Bangladesh, Roksana Parvin. She lets us in on the challenges of managing large scale production and distribution and how to overcome them. 

RFID in international supply chain management

International import of apparels and textile products can be a logistic nightmare. However, the use of RFID can reduce the problems to a great extent.

Read the whole article.


Logistics warehouse_RFID


Glada Vappen!

Tuesday next week is a really important day for many central European and Nordic countries. That is when we celebrate Vappu / Valborgsmässoafton / May Day / Walpurga's night / Walpurgisnacht etc.

The event has different meanings and traditions in different countries. In Finland we all shout "Glada Vappen" to each other, which is a mix of Swedish and Finnish meaning "Happy Walpurga's night". It's horribly grammatically wrong in every sense, but that's what we do. So if you are visiting Finland next week "Glada Vappen" is a must-know fraise. Or..., if you want to say it properly, "hauskaa vappua" will do the trick.

In Finland "Vappu" 30.4-1.5 are days of political and student activities, but also a big festival with "sima", a home-made low-alcohol mead, sparkling wine, donuts along with freshly cooked funnel cakes (see top-right picture below). There will be picnics, balloons and white student caps as long as the eye can see.

We are out-of-office on Wednesday, so be sure to contact us with urgent matters before that. 


Vappu -festival -Finland


Enjoy the weekend and up-coming festivities!

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