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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - article: RFID for the grocery sector - New case in Italy - SITL in France

This week we published an article on the subject when RFID could be reality for the grocery sector, what needs to happen for this to be reliazed. A new case is out. The end of last week was spent on the SITL tradeshow for our Sales Manager for France.

RFID for groceries article

This week we posted an article about RFID for the grocery sector, whether it could be possible.

Item-level tagging in the grocery industry - are we there yet?

Perhaps not quite yet, but we're definitely on the way. Tags are getting better, smaller and more durable, and as a bonus, their prices are going down. So, what is still standing in the way of item-level RFID in the grocery industry?


Item-level RFID in grocery retail

New case in Italy - Matranga

These new cases just keep on popping out. This week a case study on Matranga was released to the public (the text is in Italian).

SITL was held last week

And Nordic ID was at the scene with a partner Mobelec. The show was very busy and succesful for both parties. We look forward to following up with all the leads.


More news next week. :)

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