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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - article: RFID enhancing omnichannel - New VIDEO

This week our Business Development Director Jessica Säilä wrote an interesting article on omnichannel business. It is a nice continuance to our last week's article by Patrick Javick. A new video: stock take with an RFID reader and an Android phone combo!

Article on RFID enhancing the omnichannel business

The art of handling bricks, clicks, swipes and more: RFID enhances omni-channel operational agility

How to outshine your competitors in online and omni-channel operations should be the question for all retailers today. 

Read the blog post here.

Agile -supply -chain -pic (3)



A video: An RFID reader combined with an Android phone performing inventory

We attached our Nordic ID Stix RFID reader to a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and did a small demo on stock take. And the demo looks great! :)

Have a look at the video here.  

Nordic -ID-Stix -combined -with -Samsung -Galaxy -S4-perform -inventory


More news next week! Have a nice weekend! 

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