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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Spring Meeting at RFID Lab Finland. Nordic ID training for Bluestar in Barcelona.

This week was filled with events. We participated in the RFID Lab Finland Spring Meeting and visited Bluestar in Barcelona. This week's blog post by Jessica Säilä explains how RFID impacts inventory accuracy and why this is a key player in ROI calculations.

RFID Lab Finland Spring Meeting for members

It was a productive meeting indeed. The RFID Lab Spring Meeting members agreed that last year's performance of the RFID Lab Finland has been satisfactory. Additionally GS1 Finland briefed the participants on updates to their standards.

RFID Lab Finland team also visited RFID Journal Live! in Orlando and updated our information on the proceedings of UHF Gen2V2 standard:

UHF Gen2V2 standard is to be ratified as GS1 standard Q3/2013, GS1 expects the standard to become available from vendors in 2014.

The main improvements are related to higher security levels and privacy issues. 

RFID Lab Finland Spring Meeting

For more information and pictures, check out RFID Lab Finland's Facebook profile.


This week the Nordic ID team was in Spain where we had RFID product and retail application training at BlueStar, our distributor in Barcelona.

Madrid -Bluestar


On Wednesday Nordic ID participated in PETS Technology Summit by BlueStar Spain and met nearly 150 local resellers, so there was not much time left for walking on Ramblas or going to the beach.

When in Barcelona, we also visited our customer Roberto Verino's shop with our technology partner Keonn. At Roberto Verino they are currently presenting an RFID-based fitting room solution.


Why RFID impact on inventory inaccuracy is the key in most ROI calculations

Studies and roll-outs prove that RFID has a significant impact on inventory visibility. This article discusses the causes of inventory inaccuracy, its impact on retailer bottom-line and, finally, how RFID can help achieve inventory accuracy.

Consumer -response -to -O-O-S


A great and sunny weekend to all of you!

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