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Interview series: 1-ON-1 with Philip Calderbank

The time has come to have a chat with Philip Calderbank, VP Global RFID at SML Group Ltd. Philip knows a great deal about tags and the tagging process of different item categories. He has an extensive background in RFID for the retail market.

Philip and his team at SML Group Ltd. work towards helping retailers in today's fast paced retail environment. Having the right product in the right place and at the right time, will prevent missed sales opportunities. SML's ViziT, an RFID 'item visibility' solution, is developed to ensure just that. Philip emphasises the importance of maintaining on-shelf availability of products at all times. He is also an expert at combating store shrinkage with the help of EAS alarms.

In this interview we wanted to hear Phil's opinions and advice when it comes to choosing the right tags for the right product categories. We also wanted to discuss the tag prices and their relative importance in an RFID project.  


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What would you describe as the initial push for RFID in your clientele?

Philip: I would say that on-shelf availability is the most important factor for retail. When it comes to the supply chain, the strongest pusher is item visibility.


There are a lot of studies from universities, independent research companies and different vendors. But if you look at it from the point of view of a retailer: What's the excitement in RFID?

Philip: In retail the big focus lies on on-shelf availability. You need to have the right product, in the right place at the right time. In 2013, we will be building the message increasingly around loss prevention. In the supply chain, on the other hand, we will look closer at the auditing of products prior to shipping. We will be focusing on solutions that allow for boxes with mixed items to be scanned and checked prior to shipping.


What forms the price of a converted tag?  Is there a cost factor when the same customer chooses to use different shapes and forms of tags? 

Philip: This varies and depends a lot on tag form. E.g. the basic blank sticker can be less than US$.08. 


So, is it really all about the tag price?

Philip: Tag price is only a part of the equation. The infrastructure required is also a part of the cost analysis, as well as the operational procedures needed to deploy a successful system. 


What are the different means of applying tags on an item?

Philip: Normally it is the same equipment that is used to attach standard labels and price tickets. Swift attach guns are the most common ones. The procedure is normally:

  1. Read the barcode on the shipping manifest. 
  2. Use a dual RFID/barcode scanner and read the barcode or RFID tag on the packing box. 
  3. Select RFID labels that match with the SKU. 
  4. Apply the labels.
  5. Scan the labels to ensure the count matches the shipping manifest.


How to manage the tagging of different types of items? (e.g. jewelry, apparel, shoes, electronics etc).

Philip: Each product category requires a different tag and a different approach to the application of the tag. However, normal tagging techniques and procedures will apply at the point of application in most cases.


And as a bonus question: how do you feel / react when people suggest to use one tag to tag all their products (for example using Smartrac WEP for clothes, shoes and accessories)?

Philip: It is simply not possible.


Philip Calderbank _SML

Philip Calderbank, Vice President - Global RFID at SML. www.SML.com


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