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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Kingston University deploys RFID. Warok and Nordic ID extend their cooperation. Phi Data features Nordic ID in video.

Kingston University adopts RFID for media-equipment tracking. WAROK and Nordic ID extend their cooperation in the German speaking countries and Eastern Europe. Nordic ID is featured in Phi Data's video about tool tracking and management.


The RFID Journal published an article about Kingston University using RFID to track loaned media-equipment.

Kingston University is adopting TrackerPoint's TrackCAB solution to automate its return and inventory processes of media-equipment, such as laptops, cameras and computers.

Even though the equipment can be borrowed for free, late returns are followed by a fine. Students were therefore complaining about short opening hours, making it hard to return the equipment on time. Thanks to the new RFID-enabled locker system, students are now able to return loaned equipment outside office-hours.

The TrackerPoint's TrackCAB solution saves the personnel time and effort by automating the inventory system. They can log-in to the system at any time and receive real-time information about the state of their equipment. The personnel uses a Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole mobile computer to perform periodic inventory checks of all tagged items within the storage area. 


Track CAB-cabinet -door -unlocked -web

RFID-enabled locker for return of media-equipment.

WAROK increases their distribution OF Nordic ID PRODUCTS

Nordic ID is optimizing its sales structure in the German speaking region. WAROK GmbH, a value-added distributor of Nordic ID, will increase the distribution of Nordic ID products in the areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as in parts of Eastern Europe. 

"We appreciate the confidence that Nordic ID has shown our company and we will expand our storage capacity accordingly," says Dominik Rotzinger, CEO of WAROK GmbH. "Nordic ID products were an important part of our extensive Auto-ID portfolio and will play an even larger role from now on. It is important for us to focus on the Auto-ID business and the diverse needs of this fast growing market by offering it an extensive variety of products."

More information about this subject available in German here.


Belgian Nordic ID partner Phi Data just released an informative video about the benefits of RFID in tool management from an end-user perspective.




The construction tools in the video are rented out or used on project-basis by Cofely Fabricom. With the use of rugged tags and Nordic ID Merlin HF RFID mobile computers, the tools are tracked efficiently in real-time.

The advantages of the new system compared to the old offline, paper based system is a much faster, real-time registration and less errors. The result? Efficient operations and happy customers!

The video is in Dutch with French subtitles, but it is visually informative and "speaks for itself". More info can also be found here.

This week's article

Interview series: 1-ON-1 with Philip Calderbank

The time has come to have a chat with Philip Calderbank, VP Global RFID at SML Group Ltd. Philip knows a great deal about tags and the tagging process of different item categories. He has an extensive background in RFID for the retail market.  

RFID-interest -groups -tag -supplier


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