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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Events in China and Netherlands - A technical RFID article - news: Company structure change and a new partner

What a busy week. Sales people again on stands at events. This time in China and the Netherlands. The technical article over RFID reading near metals and liquids that was released this week has been popular. Nordic ID has had some news this week too.

This weeks events

IoT China 2013 at INTEX Shanghai

First up was the IoT China 2013 and our Sales Manager Miia Kivelä was at the scene together with the local Nordic ID partner. She reported the show being very busy and there were times when the stand was fully packed with people. 

The Nordic ID Stix android phone solution was the most sought out device but also the Nordic ID Morphic 

China RFID event

Miia on the other had a little chance to go listen to a seminar held in a hotel next to the event site. It dealt with tracking. 

Texperience Goirle 

On Friday Nordic ID Sales Manager Hielke van Oostrum attended this event dealing RFID in laundry & fashion also with EE labels. 

Hielke at Texperience GOIRLE

Technical article on rfid reading near liquids and metal

BOMBPROOF RFID - Smart RFID tag manufacturing makes reading next to metals and liquids a reality

With the help of a mobile RFID computer, you can read all the clothing tags inside a cardboard box from across the room. But fill that box with cans of Coca-Cola, and you might not be able to read tags until you are just inches away. How to solve these issues?

Read the article here.

Reading -of -metal ,-liquids -and -other -materials

two news out this week

changes in the nordic id company structure

Nordic ID Inc. faces reorganization after the current CEO Mr. Teemu Ainasoja announced his return to Finland during June 2013. Mr Ainasoja transfers to a new position in Finland.

Read the news here.  

spanish grupo euclides and nordic id partner up

The alliance between Nordic ID and Grupo Euclides opens doors for offering high value-added RFID solutions to their strategic key segments. 

Read the news here. 


More news next week! Have a nice weekend. 

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