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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Social media frenzy

What a week social mediawize: RFID Arena reached and surpassed 600 likers on Facebook, an RFID video surpassed 20 000 views and a new video on a jewelry solution was released. Totally cool!

Social Media success

1) A new exciting video on item level jewelry

Nordic ID partner Softwork hinted about this exciting video showing the RFID solution for a jewellery store. 

See the video here.

Jewelry -RFID-video

2) RFID video seen more than 20 000 times

This video was loaded to YourTechTV.com at the end of the year 2011 and it has now reached over 20 000 views. Awesome! 

The video shows the amazing speed the Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole scans through items in a real life store environment: 1170 items in less than 5,5 minutes for a beginner. An accustomed user will make a time half better or can even top that. 

See the video here.

Fast -stock -take -with -Nordic -ID-Morphic -UHF-RFID-Cross -Dipole -video


3) Over 600 likers for RFID Arena

Coming back from holidays was a nice surprise, RFID Arena Facebook likers had surpassed 600. Wow! Thank you all for liking us! We'll be sure to continue giving you current articles on RFID in the future as well! 

Big Thanks! 


That's all for this week - more stuff in a week! 

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