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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - RFID in retail interview with Jorma Lalla - Music festivals use RFID technology for access control

Summer is a busy time for music festivals and some of them have started utilizing RFID technology for access control. This week the fifth interview on the series RFID for retail was released. We interviewed Nordic ID CEO Jorma Lalla as a hardware vendor.

Retail RFID interview series continues with a HW vendor

1-on-1 with Jorma Lalla

This week we wanted to find out what the opportunities and challenges are for an RFID hardware vendor. And who better to ask, than our own Jorma Lalla, a true champion when it comes to developing and promoting RFID.

Read the article here. 

RFID-interest -groups -hardware -vendor

Music festivals are using RFID for access control

Hot summer and the music festival is starting. There is a huge crowd waiting to get in. How to make access easier and smoother and most of all safer. Big crowds usually cause stress and pushing and pulling. Ensuring a smooth and fast access to the festival area will minimize all problems.

RFID offers a fast solution for access. We have some examples in the world, for example Rock Werchter that started on Wednesday and the festival lasts for four whole days. Access control and crowd counting are not the only things done with RFID at the festival. Also the crowd gets to enjoy the benefits: They can link what specific band they are visiting to their facebook and share with their friends their whereabouts, get vouchers for FreeBee making their rock festival experience that much more social and FUN with the help of RFID. 

We hope you enjoy your music festivals safely this summer!

Music -festival with RFID access control

A smooth transition from the queue to the festival area to enjoy the music = RFID access control. 


That's all folks - for this week. More news next week!  


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