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Interview series: 1-ON-2 with Matjaz Novak and Tom Vieweger

The time has come to hear two software vendors' point of views on RFID. We interviewed Matjaz Novak and Tom Vieweger from Enso Detego, a company specialized in Auto-ID software solutions.


Matjaz Novak is the Marketing Director and Tom Vieweger the responsible Key Account Manager of Enso Detego. Both of them have a great deal of insight when it comes to figuring out the individual software needs of retailers. They emphasize the importance of participating in the IT project from the very beginning of detecting needs to the testing and running of the chosen IT-solution. And the work doesn't end there. Giving support and continuously perfecting the system is a never-ending quest.


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merging rfid into existing it-systems

How does RFID change the IT-system of a retailer? What are the minimum requirements to get it to work?

"Actually", Matjaz says, "the use of RFID does not need to change any IT-systems of a retailer. We define the required interfaces and dataflow in cooperation with the IT-system providers and configure the interfaces directly with them."

Tom continues: "We partner with a range of Retail Management System and POS providers in the retail space. The benefits of this partnership for retailers are twofold:

  • Firstly, they benefit from an RFID solution, which inherently provides a market proven interface to their IT-system.
  • Secondly, by choosing an RMS or POS software solution first, selecting a product from one of our partners will grant them an IT system, which is RFID-ready by default."

Typical software requirements of customers

Are there general requirements that you see from all your clients?

"When we speak about retailers, their motivation in most cases is to reduce out-of-stock situations and thereby to improve their sales results", Tom explains. He continues: "Another concern they often have is about how to reduce losses due to theft and shrinkage. Fortunately, RFID technology can provide both. If you adopt the technology to improve the availability of your merchandise on the shop-floor, the electronic article surveillance - also called EAS - almost comes for free. The same RFID tag attached to the garment used to improve item transparency in the retail store, can also be used to survey the article at the store exit. To enable all these processes, the retailer needs a comprehensive set of software solutions, which are based on the same software platform. This makes it possible to scale and adapt the software modules to meet any retailer's individual needs."

Matjaz adds: "Customers also desire to obtain comprehensive reports, which will facilitate their decision making process. Collecting item-level data during all processes in a store namely generates quite a large amount of information. Here, I specifically refer to item-level and context-aware intelligence, which the system provides to retail managers to efficiently manage their inventory levels and replenishment processes."

"Finally", Tom continues, "we observe an increasing trend in retail to provide clients with a unique shopping experience, in order to optimize their omni-channel strategies. I believe that in combination with other innovative technologies, such as smart digital information displays, social media, or NFC, the RFID technology will play an important role in the future. The possibilities here are almost unlimited and will allow retailers to develop new creative ways to attract customers."

training of the store personnel

How do you train the users on RFID?

"The training of the store personnel is essential", Matjaz explains. "Our experience shows that by training personnel on-site, demonstrating how to use RFID to simplify their daily tasks, and by coaching them until they feel comfortable with the new technology, the chances to fully exploit the benefits of RFID raise dramatically."

"Additionally, Tom says, "once the personnel have adopted the new technology, it is less likely that they will ever again want to work in an environment, which does not offer a similar level of automation. To put it simply, it is more rewarding to spend time with the customers than in the store backroom looking for specific merchandise."

Changes in support and store processes

Has RFID implementation changed the way you serve your customers? 

"The RFID technology definitely changes the way retailers perform their processes", says Tom. "For example, with the help of high-performance handheld scanning devices, the personnel can perform fast and frequent stock takings. They suddenly obtain almost real-time visibility of their inventory, at all locations in the store. This information can also be used to develop new approaches towards improving customer loyalty and differentiated shopping experience. Cross selling is just one such example."

Matjaz adds, "we are continuously expanding our product portfolio to accommodate for this market dynamics in the retail segment."

the focus of Enso Detego

"Enso-Detego provides complete RFID solutions, which are based on our Auto-ID and RFID software", says Tom. "We work with our clients from the concept to the rollout phase, to ensure that they get a solution with which they can take full advantage of RFID."

Matjaz continues: "Our uniqueness, I would say, is in the combination of three key competencies: Software development, RFID technology and understanding of customer business processes. If we take the example of the fashion industry, we probably have the longest track-record among RFID companies in driving adoption of the RFID technology at European fashion companies.  Our customer base includes large vertically integrated fashion brands, franchisee stores as well as fashion logistics companies. Our company slogan "The fastest way to your RFID advantage" underscores our strength and our commitment to our clients: To provide RFID solutions that deliver on their promise, are implemented professionally and within best-in-class timelines."


Matjaz -Novak -and -Tom -Vieweger -Enso -Detego

Matjaz Novak, Marketing Director, and Tom Vieweger, Key Account Manager, of Enso Detego.


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    Great post! This blog really tends me to know more about these professionals because they are literally amazing in their work. So firstly I’d like to thank “Hanna” who is an attentive bloggers and well presenter because she presented this article in a very good way. Secondly I would like and appreciate her efforts that she made in writing this article.

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