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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Interview with two software vendors about RFID projects. A new case study of RFID in supply chain.

We interviewed Matjez Novak and Tom Vieweger about RFID projects from a software vendor's point of view. Pharmaceutical wholesaler, Alba Ukraine, is equipped with Nordic ID Morphic mobile computers for tracking their supply chain.

NEW article in our interview series

1-ON-2 with Matjaz Novak and Tom Vieweger

The time has come to hear two software vendors' point of views on RFID. We interviewed Matjaz Novak and Tom Vieweger from Enso Detego, a company specialized in Auto-ID software solutions.

Matjaz -Novak -and -Tom -Vieweger -Enso -Detego

Matjaz Novak is the Marketing Director and Tom Vieweger the responsible Key Account Manager of Enso Detego. Both of them have a great deal of insight when it comes to figuring out the individual software needs of retailers. They emphasize the importance of participating in the IT project from the very beginning of detecting needs to the testing and running of the chosen IT-solution. And the work doesn't end there. Giving support and continuously perfecting the system is a never-ending quest.

Read more about their views here.

Pharmaceutical wholesaleR Alba Ukraine adopts RFID in their supply chain

Tagnology Group equips Nordic ID readers with GPS module for pharmaceutical tracking solution.

Alba Ukraine was on a quest for an easy-to-use RFID solution with GPS tracking possibilities for streamlining their supply chain. To meet their demands Nordic ID partner Tagnology Group chose Nordic ID Morphic mobile computer and equipped it with a GPS module. The intuitive user interface of the device makes it easy to use for non-technical staff.

Read the whole case study.

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