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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - Noticeable Retail RFID and RFID Asset Tracking cases

We have gathered a summary of some of the most noticeable retail RFID and RFID asset tracking cases. Most people are interested in finding out how other people do things. We have seen a massive interest in Nordic ID Stix UHF RFID reader android phone combo.

RFID adoptions

Most people that are concidering RFID adoption themselves are fairly interested in knowing how others have done things and what their solution is like. We have gathered here a couple of cases. 

Fashion -rti -assetmanagement

Retail RFID adoptions

Retailers attention! Here are some very different cases and the reason for RFID adoption hasn't been the same in them. Some have chosen RFID to control stock, some to control shrinkage, some to show that they are in the forefront of technology in their stores. 

Roberto Verino - Spanish retailer of men's and women's fine fashions

Cotonificio Carlo Bonomi - Premium Italian textiles manufacturer

American Apparel - retailer and the largest garment manufacturer in North America

Van Vuuren Mode - chain of women's fashion stores in the Netherlands with online sales

Liwa Group / GANT brand - Persian Gulf retail giant


RFID Asset Tracking 

Asset tracking and RTI pool management has also been a popular way to adopt RFID. Here you can find some cases from green sector to retail and from furniture manufacturing to tool tracking.

Trivilita - a high-volume furniture manufacturer based in Šiauliai, Lithuania

Fabricom - Belgium's leading construction services company

Baas Plantenservice's - horticultural distribution centres in Holland 

Norsk Lastbærer Pool AS (NLP) - an organization established by Norwegian food industry retailers and manufacturers

FAD - A spanish association for the fostering of arts and design  


Nordic ID Stix UHF RFID reader and Android phone combination success

The video released was successful and a lot of interest was risen. Now the combo is getting more column space in media. This time the Data Collection magazine has noticed it. 

Read the news in Data Collection

See the video. 


Have a great week! 

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