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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - EPC training day by GS1 Finland and RFID Lab Finland - Blog post about adjusting RSSI filters

GS1 Finland and RFID Lab Finland arranged an GS1 standards and EPC training seminar that many Nordic ID staff members attended - Toni Heijari performed RSSI filter tests. Read about the results!

The Nordic ID staff attended a TRAINING SEMINAR about GS1 standards and EPC

We got the opportunity to learn more about standards, GS1 identifiers and EPC coding at GS1 Finland's training seminar in Vantaa this week. The event was hosted by RFID Lab Finland. The content was really juicy with a lot of meat on the bones. Thanks to Benjamin Östman and the other GS1 and RFID Lab Finland guys at the seminar!

GS1-Finland -EPC-training _small

Picture by RFID Lab Finland. To see more, go here.

Technical blog post about RSSI filters

Applying RSSI filters for optimal RFID performance

The RSSI value is an indicator of signal strength, in praxis used for estimating distance. By applying RSSI filters one can optimize RFID reading and writing conditions for specific applications, so that only tags within a certain distance are registered.

RSSI-filters -max -and -min

A good weekend to the whole bunch of you!

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