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Nordic ID RFID Friday Blog - New article on RFID from a customer point of view. Also find this weeks' update on Nordic ID at events and Nordic ID in the social media

This week a new article was published in the RFID Arena which takes a closer look at customer perceptions of RFID technology benefits in retail stores. This week Nordic ID was at the Bluestar Lunch and Learn in Madrid, Spain and listed in social media.

New Article

Do they see what you see? Benefits of RFID in fashion retail from a customer point of view

The benefits that retailers are able to gain from RFID technology are relatively easy to see. But how about customer attitudes? We set out to look into customer perceptions of RFID technology in retail stores in more detail.

Read the full article here.

Store -customers

Nordic ID events

Bluestar Lunch & Learn, Madrid Spain

This week Nordic ID was in the heart of Spain presenting arguments in favor of RFID technology and its simple and easy piloting.

Nordic ID gave a presentation on 4Steps2RFID and new NIDA Applications. The Audience consisted of 30 major RFID partner companies from Madrid. In the course of this event participants took part in active discussions on the current situations of various Spanish business sectors.

 Maria -A

Nordic ID, Acotex and Grupo Euclides discussing the situation of the Spanish retail fashion sector and beneficial RFID solutions. In the picture: Mr. Fernando Biel, Marketing and Business Development Manager of Acotex, Mr. Javier Blanco, Sales Manager Spain from Grupo Euclides and Maria Ala-Sulkava from Nordic ID.

Upcoming events

Nordic ID will be present at three different events next week. We hope to see familiar faces at the Pan European Technology Summit in Stockholm Sweden, KAUPPA 2014 in Helsinki Finland and RFID pilot voor Fashion retailers in Baarn in the Netherlands.

For a complete list of our events check our websites' event listing from here.

Social media

Our RF Monster was listed in the top 100 technology experts to follow on Twitter, we are excited. Check here for the top 100 listing 

If you do not yet follow us, you should start now. Look out for RFMonster and NordicID on Twitter for our newest tweets.

More information on Nordic ID in the social media can be found on the Nordic ID homepage.

Enjoy your weekend!

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