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Friday Blog - New article: Who carries the cost of RFID adoption in retail item-level RFID projects? Additionally news, events and videos.

This week a new RFID Arena article was published. News about Nordic ID and Aryan joining forces and we congratulate the Hong Kong RFID award winners. Also Nordic ID at the Pan European Technology Summit and check our upcoming events and video section.

This week's news

Aryan and Nordic ID partner up

Nordic ID is pleased to announce that Aryan and Nordic ID have signed a cooperation agreement which gives Aryan full distribution rights of Nordic ID RFID products and solutions through Aryan's Division of Automatic Identification (AIDC).

Click here for more information in our news section

The news about the cooperation can also be found in the  Digital AV magazine and  Portal informatico.

Hong Kong RFID Awards 2013

The winners of the Hong Kong RFID Awards 2013 have been published. The Gold award for "Most Innovative Use of EPC / RFID" and the Silver Award for "Best EPC / RFID Implementation" went to Fukui Shell Nucleus Factory for RFID-embedded Pearl Identification and Certification System. 

For suitable RFID readers Fukui collaborated with Perfect China supplies Ltd for this project. Nordic ID Morphic UHF RFID Cross Dipole readers were used in the project. 

Click here for the full article

Seminar -on -pearls 01_cp

More information on

This week's article

A new article has been published on the RFID Arena. The article deals with the topic of who carries the cost of RFID adoption in retail item-level RFID projects.

When starting to calculate ROI for RFID investments, companies start looking at when different costs will occur and how to pay them back.

Garment -life -cycle -supply -chain -Jessica

Read the full article here

Nordic ID at events 

Pan European Technology Summit, Stockholm, Sweden

The Pan European Technology Summit Stockholm 2013 event was organized by BlueStar Nordic and it was a great success.

From our Nordic ID staff, Hielke van Oostrum and Mika Hirvonen participated and presented Nordic ID RFID products and solutions.

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Nordic ID at the PAN European Technology Summit

Click here for more information on the Pan European Technology Summit.

Upcoming events 

RFID pilot voor Fashion retailers, Bomencentrum, Baarn, the Netherlands 

Come and meet Nordic ID at the VLM event. Atte Kaskihalme and Hielke van Oostrum from Nordic ID will give a presentation on easy RFID implementations for apparel retailers. Don't miss it! 

Click here for more information on the RFID pilot voor Fashion retailers event. Check the agenda and register via VLM. 

See here for additional press coverage and information in Dutch language

RFID in Retail Seminar, Hilton Helsinki Airport Hotel, Vantaa, Finland

We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces at the RFID retail seminar next week.

Nordic ID will of course be there and we are excited to have Jessica Säilä presenting on the topic of Item level RFID and ROI - Recognizing the components of ROI calculation and understanding the significance of inventory accuracy. 

Click here for more information on the RFID retail seminar 2013.

Are you interested in checking other upcoming events? Visit our website for the Nordic ID events calendar

This week's videos

We were pleased to see a great video on RFID in hospitals. For the RFID scan of a storage room the Nordic ID Merlin Cross Dipole was used.

Watch the video on Youtube via this link.

And last but not least, a big thank you to you all. Our Nordic ID video "Stock take with Nordic ID Stix & an Android phone" has been viewed more than 5000 times.

Check here for the video on yourtechtv

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Gravatar of JessicaJessica
    Posted 27 September 2013 at 15:17:36

    An interesting case on jewelry tagging will also be presented by next week @ RFID Lab Retail seminar.

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    You have shared nice post.

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