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Friday blog - New Intelligent logistics RFID Arena article - Sukkamestarit Oy case study - Upcoming events

This week included a new case study about the Finnish company Sukkamestarit Oy. A new article: Intelligent logistics - Closing the loop on transferable assets in logistics with RFID, by Carl Michener was published. Additionally upcoming events.

This week's article

Intelligent logistics - Closing the loop on transferable assets in logistics with RFID

This week a new logistics article by Carl Michener was published on the RFID Arena, discussing how RFID evolved in the logistics sector, from simple asset tracking to RFID-tagged RTIs.

In the beginning there were only giant, unwieldy tags and readers that cost as much as the assets they tracked. In its infancy, RFID was an expensive solution for tracking expensive assets.

Read the full article here.

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This week's case study

Sukkamestarit - Pairing sock production with RFID system results in a success story

Sukkamestarit is Finland's largest sock manufacturer. Their production is located in Tampere, Finland where they manufacture high-quality socks for their own sock brand as well as for other Finnish sock brands. The company is known for its agility and speed andensures that incoming orders will be shipped the same day. Implementing RFID significantly improved and simplified Sukkamestarit's production control.

Read the full case study here.



Upcoming events

There will be great upcoming events this spring and we are already excited.


We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and great discussions, so if you are attending the events, make sure to stop by at the Nordic ID stand and meet us. 

On Valentine's Day our RFID & fashion retail Seminar takes place in Madrid, Spain. The agenda contains fantastic guest speakers and great topics. You can already submit your registration.

Make sure to register your participation. For details on agenda and information on schedules and guest speakers, click here.

Check all our upcoming events in our events calendar.

Have a great weekend!

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