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Friday blog - Happy New Year - Nordic ID in social media - RFID Arena articles - Upcoming events

Nordic ID wishes all of you a happy and successful year 2014. In this week's Friday blog we want to thank you for the great last year and give you a sneak preview into what 2014 will be bringing.

Nordic ID and RFID Arena in social media

We are thankful for all your interest in Nordic ID and the RFID Arena. Your support was reflected in our social media successes. Thank you so much for following and liking us via Twitter and Facebook.

Nordic ID has been liked 200 times and the RFID Arena has been liked 715 times on Facebook, which is awesome. On Twitter our RF Monster will soon have 400 followers, so if you are not yet one of them, check it out on Twitter and start following.

Our videos on Youtube and YourTechTV also proved to be popular - a big thank you for that to all of you!

In case you want to find more information on Nordic ID in social media, check here to find all channels that we are active in.

Look into the future: our RFID Arena articles

On the RFID Arena many articles have found their way into the spotlight. Now that we hopped into a new year, we want to especially recommend our visionary article by Nordic ID CEO and founder Jorma Lalla.

Take a glimpse into his vision by reading the article:  RFID heading into the clouds - the stores of the future.

Click here for all articles on the RFID Arena.

RFID-integration -over -time ---table _Jormas -vision _RGB

Look into the future: Upcoming events

Additionally we want to provide you with a glimpse into upcoming events.

Nordic ID is inviting participants to the interactive RFID & Fashion Retail seminar in Madrid. The event will take place on Valentine's Day (February 14th, 2014) and feature great guest speakers with interesting topics.

Find the interactive RFID & Fashion Retail seminar agenda and details here.

You can register your participation here.

For all upcoming events check our events calendar.

Madrid Fashion Event Invitation _small

Have a great year 2014 and enjoy your weekend!

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