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Friday blog - Nordic ID at the NRF 2014 - Upcoming events - NIDA News in German - American Apparel case study in German

This week's blog will keep you posted on Nordic ID attending the NRF 2014 - Retail's BIG Show. It also features: more information on upcoming events. For all German speaking people: our NIDA News and the American Apparel case study now available in German

This week's event

The big show in the big apple: Nordic ID at the NRF 2014

This week the NRF 2014 was in full swing and needless to say, we would not have wanted to miss it. Nordic ID CEO Jorma Lalla and Retail RFID Sales and Group Marketing Director Mirva Saarijärvi made sure to attend the Retail's BIG Show. At the event Mirva and Jorma visited partners, like ControlTek and Tyco Retail Solutions and of course end-customers.

Word is back that an RFID panel discussion on Tuesday at the conference was especially interesting. According to panelist Bill Hardgrave 2/3 of the top 30 retailers are in the process of adopting RFID right now and if you are not doing anything with RFID at the moment, you are already late. This is very interesting news and will certainly accelerate the RFID business also in Europe.

For more information about the NRF 2014, click here.

Upcoming events

We will be present at many great events this year. Check our events calendar for all upcoming events.

Let RFID be your Valentine at our Interactive RFID & fashion retail Seminar

Make RFID your Valentine's Day theme and spend the day at our Interactive RFID & fashion retail Seminar in Madrid, Spain. The agenda contains fantastic guest speakers and great topics.

Register your participation here.

Madrid Fashion Event Invitation _small

German website

This week new texts were published on our German website. Both our American Apparel case study as well as our NIDA Platform press release are now featured in German. For all of you preferring to read in German, check out our German website for more information on RFID and Nordic ID.

NIDA: die Nordic ID Applikation Plattform

Nordic ID erweitert das Produktportfolio und startet NIDA: die Nordic ID Applikation Plattform. NIDA ist flexibel und einfach zu integrieren sowie zu konfigurieren und ermöglicht demzufolge kostengünstige RFID-Implementierungen.

Klicken Sie hier um mehr über NIDA zu erfahren.

WEB-Nordic -ID-Morphic -UHF-RFID-Cross -Dipole

American Apparel Praxisbericht

American Apparel setzt auf Hightech - RFID erhöht die Wirtschaftlichkeit des Modeeinzelhandels

Lesen Sie den American Apparel Praxisbericht hier.

Click here for the American Apparel case study in English.

American Apparel

 Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for next week's news!

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