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Friday Blog - New Sales Director - New article - New videos - Throwback Thursday - Nordic ID at events

What a hectic week! Nordic ID has a new Sales Director, welcome Outi! We published a new article - RFID: Key to successful Web sales. We share with you two videos and some events, and Throwback Thursday brought the personnel together to recall past times!

nordic id news: nordic id announces New sales director

Last Monday, October 13th, Nordic ID welcomed a new Sales Director, Outi Suoninen. She is a strong professional in international b-to-b sales and marketing, and Nordic ID wishes her warmly welcome!

For more information about Outi, please visit our website's News section here.

Nordic ID has nominated Atte Kaskihalme, former Sales Director, as Business Area Director, Manufacturing and Logistics. Jessica Säilä, former Business Development Director, takes responsibility for retail business as the new Business Area Director, Retail.

To view the Nordic ID Management Team, click here.

Outi _Atte _Jessica

Outi Suoninen, Atte Kaskihalme and Jessica Säilä.

New article - RFID: key to successful web sales

This week we published a new article on the RFID Arena, written by Carl Michener. Small retailers have been struggling with online sales, and this article describes how small retailers choose RFID for Web shop capacity. 

Small retailers have had a tough time selling online: when you're too small to have a dedicated DC, you have to fill orders from stores. Read up on how small retailers turn to RFID for Web shop capability.

You can read the full article here.

Web _sales

new videos

This week we want to introduce to you two different videos, one by Nordic ID and the other by Farsens. 

Demonstration of RFID applications - inventory and locate - in a retail store

Nordic ID released a new video called "Demonstration of RFID applications - Inventory and locate - in a retail store". The video shows how easy it is to perform inventory and locate applications with the help of Nordic ID Medea UHF RFID Cross Dipole and NIDA application.

Janne Inventoi

To see the full video, please click here.

To view more Nordic ID videos on Youtube, click here. You can find the Nordic ID videos also on YourTechTV.

More information about Nordic ID Medea can be found on the Nordic ID website.

Pick to light applications with battery-free UHF RFID LED tags 

Farsens is a partner for Nordic ID, who works in the wireless sensor business sector with special focus on battery-free RFID sensor tags. Their free test software for RFID sensor tags work with both Nordic ID Merlin Cross Dipole and Nordic ID Sampo.

The video shows how Farsens LED tags help users visually locate the searched item, the searching process in this video has been implemented by using a Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole.

Farsens _video

To view the full video, please click here. For more information about Farsens, please visit the Farsens websites.

Throwback Thursday

This week it was time to clean up the office's closets. Nordic ID proudly presents: our Throwback Thursday pictures, our flashback to the past time's blockbusters. What we found was something heartwarming and amazing - an RF400 mobile computer.

Throwback _thursday

The RF400 roots from the 90s, more precisely from 1996 - 1997, and it was known inhouse as "the soap box". It was developed after a retail store chain's request for a mobile inventory device, and it was sold to several retail store chains. It was built and manufactured in Salo, Finland.  

Before the RF400, the barcode reader consisted of two different devices - one was the barcode reader and the other acted as a screen. According to the 90s trend, the power source of the RF400 consisted of two AA batteries.

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NORDIC ID AT the pilot partner conference

Dmitry Artemiev, Nordic ID Country Manager Russia, visited Pilot's partner event on October 1st - 2nd, 2014 in Moscow, Russia. During the Pilot partner's conference, Nordic ID solutions were presented by Pilot's specialists. In a presentation functionality and advantages of Nordic ID solutions were presented. Visitors then had the chance to try Nordic ID devices live at the event.


RFID Journal LIVE! Europe 2014, London

Nordic ID participated in the RFID Journal Live! Europe 2014 in London with the exhibiting partners Nordic Plus and RFKeeper. RFKeeper presented Nordic ID products, which included the new Nordic ID Medea and NIDA mobile applications. Furthermore, the Nordic ID resellers Checkpoint, Tyco Retail Solutions, Harting and Smart Res presented their RFID solutions.

The event gathered retailers such as Marks&Spencer, Intersport, Adidas, Next and John Lewis Partners. The aim was to discuss the latest topics of RFID in retail business. Nordic ID held a presentation, which gathered a fair number of listeners. Nefab, a Dutch-based company, presented the KLM solution using Nordic ID Merlin RFID readers to track and trace Aircraft Spare Parts. German manufacturer Rehau showed how RFID fastens the tracking process of automotive bumpers, which the company manufactures at its eight global facilities.

At the booth Nordic Plus and DigiTact showed a real-time inventory, smart shelf and product information kiosk solution for opticians and glass wear retailers. This project was built around Nordic ID Sampo RFID technology.

Atte _london 2014

Upcoming events - ICT & LOGISTIEK, the netherlands - hamburg logistik forum, germany

Last call for the ICT & Logistiek event! If you are interested and still have not signed up yet, sign up here. The ICT & Logistiek 2014 takes place on 29th-30th October in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You can find Nordic ID in Hall 3, Stand D014. For more information about the event, visit the ICT & Logistiek homepage.

Next week, you can find Nordic ID also at the Hamburg Logistik Forum, Germany. More information about the event here.

For the full list of upcoming events, please visit the Nordic ID Events calendar.

That's all for this week - over and out, stay tuned for new week! 

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