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Friday Blog - RFID Arena on Facebook - Nordic ID at Rome, Copenhagen and Helsinki - Selection of articles

What an interesting week this has been! We were happy to see that the RFID Arena reached 900 likes on Facebook! Read about our events - this week we travelled to Rome, Copenhagen, and Helsinki. We also picked a selection of articles that you might enjoy!

Rfid arena on facebook

On Thursday 9th, the RFID Arena reached 900 likes on Facebook! Hooray! If you are not yet a follower, join us - click here to like the RFID Arena, Nordic ID and RF Monster!

Did you know that we are active in other social media channels as well? For instance, our Google+ accounts are Nordic ID and RF Monster. You can read more about Nordic ID in social media here.

Nordic ID at events

GS1 Global Standards Event October 2014, Rome, Italy

This week started with the GS1 Global Standards event in Rome, where Mirva Saarijärvi, Lothar Struckmeier and Maria Ala-Sulkava represented Nordic ID. The event gathered together more than 300 people from more than 100 companies presenting innovative business solutions among industries and their standards.

Nordic ID Group Marketing Director Mirva Saarijärvi presented the Matranga Gioillieri case at the event in the apparel workshop. The apparel workshop included many presentations with end customer point of views, standardisation and practical information.


You can find more information about this event here and about GS1 here.

BlueStar Pan European Technology Summit 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nordic ID's Product Manager Jari Järvi and Area Sales Manager Tiina Aumasalo were happy to participate in the BlueStar Pan European Technology Summit on October 7th. The event was a success and Nordic ID was happy to be a part of it. About 130 resellers from the Nordic countries gathered together, and the aim was to chat about business and boost the newest products and services. Moreover - Arne Nielssen, a former world champion in canoeing, held a very intriguing presentation. 


Click here to read more about the BlueStar Pan European Technology Summit.

RFID ja teollinen internet, Helsinki, Finland

RFID Lab Finland held a symposium on the topic of Industrial Internet on October 10th in Helsinki. The event drew together some 70 people interested in the topic, there were several interesting cases presented. One of the hottest topics was the creation of new business through investments in industrial Internet.

Jessica Säilä of Nordic ID talked about RFID and big data. The symposium ended with a panel that agreed upon the fact that industrial Internet is ongoing and being invested in. However benefits and new potential are not known well enough to the Finnish society. It became clear that the Internet of things or Industrial Internet is a strategical choice for companies and should always include high level management support.


Find out more about RFID Lab Finland here!

Upcoming events

There are many interesting events and conferences scheduled for this month. We hope to see many of you, so if you are attending one of these or more, please come and meet us. We are happy to talk with you!

You can also visit the Nordic ID events calendar for a list of events that we are attending.


Selection of articles

This week we picked you three articles that you might find interesting. The topic of the articles is Retail and Fashion. Please enjoy!

1) " RFID - 5 most common applications on the shop floor" by Hanna Östman

2) " RFID - What's in it for a customer?" by Sini Syrjälä

3) " The perfect fit - Fashion Retailers and RFID: how to make the move?" by Carl Michener

That's all for this week, have a nice weekend and stay tuned for more news next week!

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