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Friday Blog - New article - Facebook competition - Throwback Thursday - Nordic ID at events

What a week! A new technical article, a new competition on Facebook, a new Throwback Thursday object, and soon a new-looking office in the Netherlands! This week there were also a few nice events in which Nordic ID took part.

New article ON the RFID Arena

This week we published a new technical article, Several UHF RFID readers in the DC, part 1, written by Toni Heijari and Suvi Dalén. The article discusses what happens when a mobile reader and a fixed one detect each other in a distribution center.

To read more technical articles, please visit the RFID Arena

Several UHF RFID Readers 


This week the RFID Arena announced a competition. Currently we have more than 930 likes on Facebook, but can we make it to 1.000 by Christmas?

Share the RFID Arena link on Facebook and like us - if you share, you might win a small prize. Also, the 1.000th FB liker will be awarded with a great prize!

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RFID Arena On Facebook

Throwback Thursday

This week the Throwback Thursday object was found from a place where we store old stuff. The object is a user manual for PL2000 from 2004 including 81 pages of heavy information on how to use the device.

Wanna see more? New Throwback Thursday objects are launched at the Nordic ID Instagram account - follow and like us there!

Throwback _piccolink

Nordic ID at events

EURO ID Frankfurt, 2014

A distributor of Nordic ID products, Cisper, took part in the Euro ID event in November 18th-20th in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Cisper staff proudly presented the Nordic ID devices, and Mario del Rey from Farsens (left) demonstrated the passive UHF sensor tag reading with the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole. Nice event, guys!

Fridayblog _211114

Tehoa teknologiasta uusiin palvelukonsepteihin at salo, 2014

The Salo city hall hosted the ending seminar of a project called "Technology empowering new service concepts", and Nordic ID was present at the exhibition hall where the seminar visitors had a chance to meet local enterprises. The project was organized by Yrityssalo Oy, whose aim is to provide services for current and future entrepreneurs at Salo area.


Salo _event 2014

Upcoming events

GS1 Connecting Fashion Business, December 3rd-4th, 2014

Cologne, Germany

Event websites

The netherlands office under renovation

The Nordic ID Netherlands office in Alphen aan den Rijn is currently experiencing a face-lift. The operations of Nordic ID are still running in the building, so this causes no changes in the business. The only change is that there are now some scaffolds and soon a fresh look and one happy Hielke van Oostrum :)

Holland _renovation

Have a nice weekend, we'll be back next Friday!

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