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Friday Blog - New article - Nordic ID Christmas Greetings - Throwback Thursday - Nordic ID at events

Another working week is almost behind! We published a new, fantastic article, and selected a charity target for our Season's greetings. Throwback Thursday brings you the founder of Nordic ID from 90s, and there are also a few interesting events coming up!

New article on the RFID Arena

This week we published a brand new article on the RFID Arena by Carl Michener, "Is RFID a job killer?". The article introduces the equation of RFID and job creation, and if RFID has made human workers redundant.

Interested in articles about RFID and jobs? Here's another: "RFID projects do affect the company personnel"

Jobkiller _arrows

Nordic ID Christmas greetings 2014

Like in recent years, Nordic ID gives the money reserved for Holiday greetings to charity. The chosen organization is Save the Children (Pelastakaa Lapset) as they are working with something that touches everyone of us.

More information about Save the Children at the organization's website.

Pl _joulu 2014_banneri _350x 140_en

Throwback Thursday

This week's golden oldie is from the 90s featuring a few devices and the founder of Nordic ID, Jorma Lalla.

Stay tuned for upcoming Throwback Thursdays - follow us on Instagram.

Jorma &Piccolinkit

RF monster gains success on Twitter

Technology Articles has listed November 2014 Top 100 Technology Experts to follow on Twitter, and Nordic ID RF Monster took a giant leap from #80 to #65 - well done!

This week has been special for Nordic ID as we have celebrated RF Monster's birthday! No one knows the actual age, but let's say it's always 21 and forever young!

To follow the RF Monster and Nordic ID in social media, please visit the Nordic ID website.

RF-Monster _birthday

Nordic ID at events

karting in the netherlands

To celebrate the 25 years of AIM (Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility) Nordic ID engaged in a karting race with all Dutch Auto-ID professionals at the Fabrique in Utrecht. Hielke van Oostrum finished 10th position. Great job, Hielke!


Upcoming events

GS1 Connecting Fashion Business, December 3rd-4th, 2014

Cologne, Germany

Event websites


Frug I Com 1st EU Fresh Info Forum & Round Table, December 3rd-4th, 2014

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Event websites

Frugicom 2014

That's it, have a nice weekend!

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