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Friday Blog - Throwback Thursday - Facebook competition - Season's greetings

This week's Friday Blog deals mostly with our social media actions - Throwback Thursday, the Facebook competition, the greatest Christmas video ever, and also the Nordic ID season's greetings.

Throwback Thursday

This week's Throwback Thursday object shows how to use a Nordic ID RF600 in practice - grocery sector is one of the most common verticals for this device.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Throwback Thursdays by following Nordic ID on Instagram , Facebook and other social media!


let's speed up with the facebook competition!

The RFID Arena launched a competition a few weeks ago - we have more than 900 likes on Facebook, but can we make it to 1.000 by Christmas?

Let's boost the competition - share the RFID Arena link on Facebook and like us - if you share, you might win a small prize. Also, the 1.000th FB liker will be awarded with a great prize!

Did you know that you can follow the RFID Arena and Nordic ID in several social media? To view the full list, please visit the Nordic ID website.

RFID Arena On Facebook


This video was already presented last week but it's so amazing that we never get tired of sharing it - it is a Christmas greeting from Nordic Plus from last year, Merry Christmas and an RFID New Year from Mark Tailford and all the guys in the UK.

Watch the full video by clicking on the picture below.

Christmas Greetings _UK 


As mentioned before, Nordic ID directs the money reserved for Holiday greetings to a charity foundation called Save the Children.

Pl _joulu 2014_banneri _350x 140_en

That's all for this week, stay tuned for next week's news!

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