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Friday Blog - New article - Throwback Thursday - Nordic ID at events - Christmas greetings

This week's highlights are a new article on the RFID Arena, Throwback Thursday object and two interesting events in which Nordic ID took part. As we are tuning up for Christmas mood, we want to show you a Christmas RFID video!

New article on the RFID ARENA

This week we published the sequel for the technical article discussing RFID reader collision problem, Several UHF RFID readers in the DC, part 2. This time it is discussed further how to improve the reading efficiency by for instance taking a closer look at the reader and the antennas. 

To read the first part of the article, Several UHF RFID readers in the DC, part 1, please click here.

Graph For Article

Throwback thursday

This week's gem from the archive is a small brochure about Nordic ID Morphic. This little flyer was made for boosting the launch of Nordic ID Morphic and has been handed as marketing material in events and when meeting customers. The brochure was updated as new features of the device were introduced.

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Nordic ID at events

GS1 Connecting Fashion Business 2014, Germany

A GS1 event called Connecting Fashion Business was this year held at Cologne, Germany, on 3rd-4th December, 2014. Jessica Säilä and Lothar Struckmeier represented Nordic ID and listened to some fresh ideas and trends.

More information about the event on the GS1 website.


Frug i com 1st eu fresh info forum & round table, the netherlands

The Frug I Com event was held on 3rd-4th December in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Hielke van Oostrum from Nordic ID was present, and found the event very interesting as the discussion topics and presentations were enlightening, as well as the possibility to introduce the Nordic ID products.

Frug I Com Fresh ICT

Christmas greetings

Still a few weeks till Christmas, but we are already on Christmas mood! This video is a Christmas greeting from Nordic Plus from last year, but it's so amazing that we wanted to show it again - Merry Christmas and an RFID New Year from Mark Tailford and all the guys in the UK.

Watch the full video by clicking on the picture below.

Christmas Greetings _UK 


As mentioned before, Nordic ID directs the money reserved for Holiday greetings to a charity foundation called Save the Children.

Pl _joulu 2014_banneri _350x 140_en

Still a few weeks till Christmas - have a nice weekend, we'll be back next Friday!

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