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Friday blog - New RFID Arena article - Nordic ID at RFID fashion retail seminar - EuroShop 2014 and Asian Apparel Expo 2014

This week a new article was published: RFID on the factory floor - Protect the brand by integrating RFID at point of manufacture. We will keep you posted on our RFID & fashion retail seminar in Madrid as well as EuroShop 2014 and Asian Apparel Expo 2014.

RFID on the factory floor - Protect the brand by integrating RFID at point of manufacture

A brand new article was published on the RFID Arena this week. Carl Michener's article gives a great insight into how RFID can greatly aid retailers fulfil the brand promise on many levels.

RFID is a technology that's been helping prevent stock-out situations and reducing shrinkage for over a decade. More recently, brand owners have been waking up to the fact that RFID is a powerful tool for safeguarding the brand in several ways.

Read the full article here.

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Nordic ID at events

RFID & fashion retail seminar in Madrid, Spain

Last Friday it was finally time for the RFID & fashion retail seminar which took place in Madrid, Spain. As promised, the event featured top guest speakers and the day was filled with interesting presentations and discussions, all around the topic of RFID in fashion retail. The seminar was a success and we are happy about the great feedback that we received.

Enzo Blonk from the GS1 Global office started off with the topic of standardization for RFID in fashion retail. Ramir de Porrata-Doria from Keonn Technologies focused on how RFID can improve the customer experience. After that our own Maria Ala-Sulkava took center stage and discussed the topic of ROI in RFID.

Fashion Seminar Madrid 1

Picture 1. Enzo Blonk GS1 Global Office Picture, 2. Ramir de Porrata-Doria from Keonn Technologies, Picture 3. Maria Ala-Sulkava from Nordic ID

The afternoon was filled with more guest speakers. Kris Doane from OATSystems gave an insight into compliance challenges with RFID. The last speaker was Miguel Guilló from Eti-Textil, who completed the seminar with his presentation on tagging.

Fashion Seminar Madrid 2

Picture 4. Kris Doane from OATSystems, Picture 5 Miguel Guilló from Eti-Textil

We want to take the opportunity to thank all guest speakers and participants for a great day.

EuroShop Düsseldorf, Germany

The EuroShop 2014 was on and of course Nordic ID was present, exhibiting at the trade fair. Lothar Struckmeier, Hielke van Oostrum, Tiina Aumasalo and Danny Collinson of Nordic ID report back that the event was exciting.

The EuroShop offered interesting discussions and great contacts. Lothar, Hielke and Danny were especially pleased with the interest that the Nordic ID NIDA Platform received from the visitors. Thank you all for stopping by at our stand!

For more information about EuroShop, click here.

For more information about the NIDA Platform, click here.


Lothar Struckmeier at the Nordic ID stand

Asian Apparel Expo, Berlin, Germany

This week the Asian Apparel Expo took place in Berlin, Germany. Nordic ID and partner PCS Ltd. made sure to take part in the expo with a joint stand.

Benedict Chan from PCS Ltd and Miia Kivelä from Nordic ID were onsite and report back that there were great discussions and many people interested to find out more about RFID.

For more information about the Asian Apparel Expo, click here.

Asian Apparel Expo

Picture 1. and 2. Benedict Chan from Nordic ID partner PCS Ltd. at the Asian Apparel Expo stand

Upcoming events

Next week Nordic ID will be at LogiMAT. Come and meet us at the event!

LogiMAT 2014
Hall 4/ Booth 681
Stuttgart, Germany
Feb 25th - 27th, 2014

For a complete list of events that Nordic ID will participate in, check our events calendar.

Have a great weekend!

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