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Friday blog - New guest blog on the RFID Arena - News Nordic ID and Eti-Textil create joint RFID showroom - Upcoming events - Nordic ID on Twitter

This week a new article was published: 7 unexpected and awesome uses of RFID tags. Nordic ID News featuring the joint RFID showroom of Eti-Textil and Nordic ID. More about next week's RFID Roadshow in Turku and Hämeenlinna and social media.

RFID Arena guest blog

7 unexpected and awesome uses of RFID tags

This week a great guest blog by Adam Bluemner was published on the RFID. The blog post introduces unexpected uses of RFID tags: from robbery proof casino chips to loss-resistant golf balls.

Are RFID tags the duct tape of the digital age? It seems like it. Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are popping up everywhere these days. And as is the case with the versatile adhesive, clever problem-solvers are using RFID in ways its original innovators couldn't have possibly predicted.

Read the full article on the RFID Arena.

RFID Illustration

Nordic ID News

RFID showroom in Spain - joint effort of Nordic ID and Eti-Textil

What would be a better way to demonstrate how RFID works than testing it live? Nordic ID and Eti-Textil have joined forces and established an RFID showroom on the Eti-Textil premises in Elche, Spain. The RFID showroom is open to visitors interested in using and testing RFID in practice. 

Read more about the RFID showroom in the Nordic ID news.

For more information about Eti-Textil check the Eti-Textil website.

Showroom Elche Spain

Events, events, events

RFID Roadshow Spring 2014, Finland

Next week Nordic ID will be participating at the RFID Roadshow in Turku and Hämeenlinna, Finland. The event is organized by RFIDLab Finland ry and features great presentations and interesting cases, so make sure not to miss it.

For more information about the agenda and registration please check the RFIDLab Finland ry webpage.

Click here to see our event calendar for a list of all upcoming events.

Nordic ID in social media

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