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Friday blog - New RFID Arena article - Nordic ID News - Upcoming event - Recommended video

What a great week! A new RFID Arena article was published: Strike the perfect balance of stock at retail with RFID. Nordic ID announced a new cooperation agreement. Also check the Friday blog about our event in Moscow and this week's recommended video.

RFID Arena: Strike the perfect balance of stock at retail with RFID

An excellent new article by Carl Michener was published on the RFID Arena this week. The article discusses optimizing stock with RFID. 

Most retailers think they have a much better handle on stock levels than they actually do. Despite a widespread belief in 90%+ store inventory accuracy, RFID Journal pegs overall accuracy at 65%. The large disparity between what's on the screen and what's really on shelves translates into huge losses in potential sales and forces a massive amount of discounting.

Read the full article here.

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Nordic ID news: Nordic ID and Wuda Geoinformatics Co. join forces

This week we were happy to announce that Nordic ID and Wuda Geoinformatics Co. join forces. Wuda Geoinformatics Co. will start acting as a reseller of Nordic ID RFID products in China.

Click here to read the full news.

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Upcoming EVENT

Less than two weeks to go! Make sure not to miss the RFID & fashion retail event that will be hosted in Moscow on April 22nd. Sign up to this perfect opportunity to learn more about RFID & fashion retail. Come and hear the success stories of retailers and get to meet RFID experts.

Click here to see details and agenda.

Check our events calendar for a complete list of upcoming events.

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Recommended video

Interested in watching RFID videos? Hielke van Oostrum has posted a cool UHF tagfinder demo on YouTube. Hielke used the Nordic ID Merlin UHF RFID Cross Dipole in the demo. It's definitely worth checking out.

Click here to see the full video.

Keep wanting more? You can find excellent RFID videos on the Nordic ID YouTube and YourTechTV channels.

We wish you all a great weekend!

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