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Easter blog - Upcoming event in Moscow - Recommended articles and videos

Happy Easter everyone! Due to the holidays, our Friday blog turned into an Easter blog. What better way to enjoy your days off than to read and watch videos. Check out next week´s events and see our recommended articles and videos.

RFID in fashion retail, Moscow, Russia, April 22nd

Next week Nordic ID will be at the RFID fashion and retail event in Moscow, Russia.

Grab your chance to sign up and join in, the event features excellent guest speakers on topics around RFID in fashion retail.

Vistit the ID Forum webpage for detailed information about the agenda and submit your registration.

We hope to meet you in Moscow, see you soon!

Check the Nordic ID events calendar for a list of all upcoming events.


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Recommended articles and videos

We want to sweeten up your Easter holiday. What better way to do so than to
kick back and enjoy some RFID articles and videos? See our recommendations below.



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Enjoy your Easter break and stay tuned for next week´s Friday blog!

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