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Friday blog - Pictures from the RFID in fashion retail event, Moscow - Upcoming events - Recommended videos

This week's Friday blog contains pictures from the RFID in fashion retail event in Moscow. We will keep you updated on upcoming events and we have some YourTechTV videos which we warmly recommend.


Last week the RFID in fashion retail event in took place in Moscow, Russia. We were excited about the buzzing event. In case you did not have the chance to attend, we wanted to post some pictures of the event for you to enjoy.

Moscow Speakers

Mirva Saarijärvi, Nordic ID Retail RFID Sales and Group Marketing Director presented interesting retail RFID cases. Tomi Lundström, our Nordic ID Technical Support Engineer, presented RFID challenges and how to overcome them. Ramir de Porrata-Doria from Keonn Technology gave an excellent presentation on smart stores, talking about the case of Roberto Verino.


Moscow Event 2

Group picture taken at the RFID in fashion retail session at Moscow ID-Forum and the winner of the ERFID & Nordic ID grand raffle price. Congrats!

Upcoming event

RFID Conference, May 6th-7th, Zagreb, Croatia

Next week, Nordic ID will be at the RFID Conference in Zagreb, Croatia. We are already looking forward to excellent presentations and meeting people interested in RFID technology.

Check the Nordic ID events calendar for a list of our upcoming events.

Recommended videos

The Nordic ID videos rank very well at the YourTechTV. We are excited that our videos are being watched and appreciated amongst the viewers. If you have not seen our videos yet, just click on the links below and enjoy.

Fast and accurate stock take with RFID

RFID & Privacy

Nordic ID device Setup

For all Nordic ID YourTechTv videos, click here.

Nordic ID videos on YouTube can be found here.

Enjoy your weekend!

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