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Friday blog - Nordic ID at Retail Technology Days event - Upcoming events - Nordic ID in social media

This week Nordic ID and partner ACTE Sp. z.o.o were at the Retail Technology Days event. Read up on our upcoming events as well as Nordic ID in social media. Make sure to join us and start following Nordic ID, RFID Arena and RF Monster on Twitter.

This week's event

Retail Technology Days, Warsaw, Poland, May 20th-21st

This week Nordic ID and partner ACTE Sp. z.o.o participated in the Retail Technology Days exhibition and conference in Warsaw, Poland. At the two day event leaders of the IT market, hardware and technology vendors have the chance to meet representatives of retail chains. The event featured the perfect opportunity to exchange opinions about the future of the industry and the innovations in retailing.

The highlights of the event were certainly formed by the great discussions about new technology, especially how customers want to experience new technology in retail environments. One presentation summed it up very well: mobile apps, RFID and real-time tracking of products are not future developments, they are reality and retailers should already today pay attention to them.

A big thank you to all of you for stopping by at our stand! We enjoyed the discussions.

Retail Technology Days 2014

Upcoming events

In June, we will be attending events in the USA as well as in Poland. We are already looking forward to the events and hope to see many of you. If you attend either of the events, stop by for chat.

Event Calendar

Check the Nordic ID events calendar for a list of upcoming events.

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Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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