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Friday blog - Nordic ID on Instagram - Upcoming events - Recommended reading

Great news this week: you can now find Nordic ID on Instagram. Also: tune in for this Friday blog and read more about our upcoming events and catch up with recommended articles on the RFID Arena.

Nordic ID on Instagram

We are thrilled to let you know that Nordic ID is now also available on Instagram. There are many social media channels that Nordic ID is already active in, finally Instagram is one of them.

Click here to find and follow Nordic ID on Instagram

A complete list of Nordic ID in social media can be found here.


Next week's event

Retail Sensations, Antwerp, Belgium

Next week Nordic ID will be participating in the Retail Sensations event in Antwerp, Belgium, the event is hosted by The Concept Group. Nordic ID will exhibit at the event which will certainly be interesting and informative, so join in and make sure to meet us there! We are looking forward to meeting you!

For a list of all upcoming events, check the Nordic ID events calendar.

Recommended articles

Looking forward to read up on RFID articles on the weekend? Check out our articles exploring different angles of RFID. Check here for our recommendations:

Supply Chain

RFID on the factory floor - Protect the brand by integrating RFID at point of manufacture

Intelligent logistics - Closing the loop on transferable assets in logistics with RFID

Retail and Fashion

Operational excellence by RFID

The physical web shop

Enjoy your weekend!

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