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Thursday blog - RFID Agent Game and competition launched - Recommended articles

This week Nordic ID launched the RFID Agent Game, check out the new game and join the competition. Use Nordic ID RFID devices to scan as many bubbles and score as many points as possible. Check out our recommendations of excellent RFID articles.

This week's Friday blog turned into a Thursday blog as Finland is celebrating Midsummer's Eve. 

Nordic ID news: RFID Agent Game launch

With the help of game developer Markus Silvennoinen the  RFID Agent Game was created, a fun way to try our RFID products and win prizes. Use our RFID devices to scan as many bubbles and score as many points as possible. 

Join our competition and start scanning bubbles! Every month the player with the best score will be crowned the winner and will receive a special price. So aim your RFID device and get going!

Read the full news here.

Click here to access the RFID Agent Game.

RFID_agent _game _menu

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Have a nice Midsummer Eve and a great weekend!

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