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Friday blog - Nordic ID at the GS1 Connect - Social Media success - RFID Agent Game competition

This week our Friday blog features impressions from the GS1 Connect in San Diego, USA. The Nordic ID RF Monster was listed in the "Top 100 Technology Experts to follow on Twitter" listing, congratulations! Also, read up on Nordic ID in social media.

GS1 Connect, San Diego, USA

Nordic ID made sure to attend the GS1 Connect this year which featured interesting presentations, sessions and discussions.

As a highlight the event featured many keynote speeeches which concentrated on the topic of omnichannel. Those proved to be excellent. What a great event!

GS1Connect 2014

GS1 Connect 2014 in San Diego, USA

Social Media

RF Monster in Social Media

We were happy to see that RF Monster made it to the "June 2014 Top 100 Technology Experts to Follow on Twitter" listing, well done RF Monster! If you do not yet follow RF Monster on Twitter, start following now for interesting RFID related posts, news and more.

You can find RF Monster on Twitter,  Facebook and Google+.

RFMonster Twitter

Nordic ID Social media accounts

Besides following RF Monster, also Nordic ID and RFID Arena are active in social media. By following the news streams, you will be among the first to find out more about new articles, videos, news and other posts.

Click here to find out more about Nordic ID in Social Media.

RFID Agent Game

Last week we launched the RFID Agent Game and kicked off our competition. Join our competition: use our RFID devices to scan as many bubbles and score as many points as possible. Each month the player with the highest score will receive a prize so join in, aim your RFID device and get going!

Click here to access the game.

RFID_agent _game _menu

Enjoy your weekend!

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